Padua...start to know it from its waterways

The urbanisation of the city of Padua is strongly connected with its two main streams Brenta and Bacchiglione Rivers used as means of transport and communication to the lagoon marking the line of relationship between Padua and the Serene Republic. During this tour, it is possible to experience a marvellous navigation by means of a typical traditional Padua boat along the Piovego canal starting from Porte Contarine lock, along the venetian city-walls passing through Porta Portello which was the fluvial port and the venetian gate till we reach Porta San Massimo.

Riviera del Brenta:
The fluvial port of Padua can be also a starting point for the navigation along the Riviera del Brenta. Between Padua and Venice it is possible to admire the most interesting Venetian summer estates. They are very famous because of their architecture and decorations from XVIth century to XVIIIth century. They have been built just for the enjoyment at the display as it was fashionable to spend summer holidays on the Brenta for the Venetian aristocracy. You can’t miss the marvellous Villa Pisani in Strà, the most important and largest one where the ball room was depicted by GB Tiepolo. More other its garden is a wonderful place with many buildings among others an ice-house and a maze. Continuing through bridges and locks we reach the Palladian Villa Foscari also known as ‘la Malcontenta’ planned by the architect Andrea Palladio. On request it is possible to visit Villa Sherimann-Widmann and Villa Valmarana in Mira. Highlight of this tour is the arrival by boat from the river, through the lagoon to Venice.